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as never ▓lacking—merely food. When my ticket ran o●ut on the morning of the fourth day, I did not● apply at once for another.The evening before▓, the Greek proprietor of a famous ci

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▓garette factory had promised me ●a position, had even explained to me m●y probable duties as general port●er in the establishment.But when I had in

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●veigled my way into the inner sanctum for the● second time, it was only to learn that a ●compatriot of the proprietor▓ had applied earlier in the morning, and w●as already at

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work.Not to be ou●tdone by his fellow-faranchees●, the Greek offered me—a letter of introductio●n. The hour of public audiences at t

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he rector▓y was passed.The day, moreover, was Saturday, ▓a half-holiday among contractors.In▓ the hope of earning a night’s l▓odging by some errand, I joined t●he howling

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204mob of guides, interpreters, s●treet-hawkers, and fakirs, before Shepherd’s ▓Hotel.I was the sole Frank in the g▓athering.Die Kameraden, whate●ver their nationalit